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With more than 17,500 commercial airports globally serving more than 925 million passengers on nearly 39 million flights in 2019, and with each passenger carrying one or two pieces of luggage onto planes annually, air travel remains a highly vulnerable global gateway for spreading infectious diseases such as COVID-19 and its variants, influenza and other as-yet-unknown diseases.


Armed with experience in aviation security, mechanical engineering and microbiology research, the WarpUV team developed the propriety AirFort  bio-security system to halt the spread of pathogens at existing airport terminal points of entry.

The technology was independently tested and verified at the Tel Aviv University Microbial Laboratory. AirFort  delivers complete 360°x360° disinfection of carry-on luggage, checked bags and personal effects down to just 5 seconds.




AirFort  :

Added BioSecurity icon.png

Adds previously overlooked biosecurity to physical security measures at airports

Protects airport personnel icon.png

Protects airport personnel, airline staff, and passengers

inbound outbound icon.png
Firewall icon.png

Disinfects inbound and outbound luggage and personal effects

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Establishes a pandemic and epidemic “firewall”

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